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What industries use injection molding?
Injection molding is widely used in automotive, medical, consumer goods, electronics, and aerospace industries for producing various components.
What is the typical lead time for injection molding projects?
Lead times vary but are generally influenced by factors such as part complexity, quantity, material selection, and mold design. In general, Jiangzhi lead time is 3-4 weeks for mold, 2-4 weeks for mass production.
How can I optimize my design for injection molding?
Design considerations include uniform wall thickness, proper gating and venting, draft angles, and material selection to ensure successful and efficient injection molding.
Can injection molding be used for prototyping?
Yes, injection molding can be used for prototyping using rapid tooling or soft tooling methods to create low-volume prototypes.
Can all plastics be injection molded?
Plastic materials for injection molding range from commonly used polymers to specialty plastics and polymer blends. There are hundreds of different plastic resins available, and they each have different end-use properties and processing requirements.
Can injection molded platic be recycled?
In the most of the time, the plastic they are formed can be recycled.
How can I manager or even cut costs in my injection molding part design?
With injection molding, a variety of factors affects a part’s final cost, including part design, production time, the temperature and pressure used. and the type of plastic resin chosen. However, there are bigger issues to consider long before your part is in the mold.
What are the factores affecting compression molding?
Important factors to be considered before compression molding process are following:
  • Amount of plastic material
  • Heating time
  • Melting temperature of plastic material
  • Pressure required to squeeze the material into the mold cavity
  • Cooling time

Is compression molding good for environment?
Compression moulding can help reduce the environmental impact of plastic production and disposal by minimising waste and energy consumption and using recycle materials.
What is the cycle time of compression molding?
Compression molding require slower cycle time than injection molding, the time needed to start and repeat the sequence of operations is between 1-6 mins for compression molding.
Is compression molding cheaper than injection molding?
Injection molding is better suited to high volume production, whereas compression molding is better suited to pliable and flexible materials. Generally, the upfront costs for compression molding are cheaper.
How long does CNC machining take?
Generally, for 1-10 pieces, delivery takes around 3-5 days, and for 10-500 pieces, it takes 7-20 days.
How accurate is CNC machining?
CNC is a process with high precision, in general, the accuracy of CNC machining is between 0.01mm to 0.03mm
How to make CNC parts cheaper?
There are several tips to make CNC parts cheaper, the following are some examples:
  • Rounded internal corners
  • Limit the use of tight tolerances for cheap CNC machining
  • Use less expensive material in CNC milling machined parts
  • Avoid multiple finishes
  • Order larger quantities
  • Avoid deep pockets
  • Limit the length of threads

Why are CNC parts so expensive?
Due to the involvement of more complex parts, CNC milling is more expensive than other types of machining operations.
What are the limitations of CNC milling?
The general limitations of CNC milling are prototype size, axis movement, and drill bit size. The size and shape limitations will vary by the machine used.
How many types of CNC turning are there?
There are two broad categories of CNC turning centers, which include horizontal turning centers and vertical turning centers. Horizontal turning centers are far more common than their vertical counterparts.
How long does it take to make an injection mold?
8-10 weeks on average, depending on the complexity and cavitations of the mold.
Why is injection molding tooling so expensive?
Molds themselves are complex, which accounts for most of the cost. Steel injection molds require precision and accuracy, and they are typically made from steel. To produce them, specialized machinery must be used along with intricate designs. Creatng molds is also cost-dependent on the part’s size.
How many times can you use an injection mold?
A plastic injection mold lifespan depends on its environment, maintenance, structure, SPI classification, and other factors. Generally, plastic injection molds last from hundreds to over a million cycles.
Is injection molding tooling cheaper in China?
While many countries offer mold-making services, China is the primary player in this market. You company might be leaning toward China because their plastic injection molding services are generally low-cost, you’ll likely save between 20-60% with a injection mold made in China. You may also achieve faster results.
What material is used for injection molding tools?
Injection mould tools can be manufactured in several different mateirals, the most common are P20, H13 steels and aluminium.
How do I request a quote for an injection molding project?
Simply fill out the form on the following page Request a quote.
How can I manage or even cut costs in my injection molding part design?
With injection molding, a variety of factors affect a part’s final cost, including part design, production time, the temperature and pressure used. and the type of plastic resin chosen. However, there are bigger issues to consider long before your part is in the mold.
What contract manufacturing services does Jiangzhi provide?
Our expertise includes engineering, product design, injection molding, custom molding, sub-and-finished assembly and the on-time delivery of components and finished products for major industries.
What are your office hours?
The office is open from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
What are your manufacturing hours of operation?
Our facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Do you manufacture the molds and parts at your facility?
Yes, all the mold and parts are manufactured and assembled in our 30,000 sqm facility.
What certifications does Jiangzhi have?
Jiangzhi is an ISO9001-certified company. We can send you our current ISO certification upon request.
What types of secondary or assembly options do you perform?
We provide manual assembly, semi-automated assembly, machining and special packaging. Fully automated assembly services can also be done if the volume is sufficient.
What are the responsibilities of a contract manufacturer?
The contract manufacturer is the company that takes on responsibilities including designing and engineering the product. Buy and maintain tooling and machinery. Hire and train the production team
What are the advantages of using a contract manufacturer?
Hiring a contract manufacturer can provide you with the ability to produce a high number of products at a lower cost since you can choose a manufacturer that meets the company’s production budget. You can also save money on costs associated with manufacturing, like machinery, labor and facilities.
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