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We operate a comprehensive, in-house tool shop where we design, fabricate, and trial new injection molds. Crafted by skilled mold builders, our tools utilize high-speed CNC mills, EDMs, and wire-EDM for precision manufacturing.

    • In-house mold fabrication service
    • Injection molding tool design for manufacturability
    • Maximum processing size: 2500mm×2000mm
    • Tight tolerance up to ±0.02mm
    • Lifetime mold guaranteed

Mold & Tooling Production Process

Jiangzhi Contract Manufacturing Service

How long does it take to make an injection mold?

In general, a simple mold can be completed in 4-6 weeks, while a complex mold might take 6-8 weeks. Aluminum molds, often used for prototypes, can be produced in 2-3 weeks

A plastic injection mold lifespan depends on its environment, maintenance, structure, SPI classification, and other factors. Generally, plastic injection molds last from hundreds to over a million cycles.

While many countries offer mold-making services, China is the primary player in this market. Your company might be leaning toward China because their plastic injection molding services are generally low-cost, you’ll likely save between 20-60% with an injection mold made in China. You may also achieve faster results.

Injection mould tools can be manufactured in several different mateirals, the most common are P20, H13 steels and aluminum.

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