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Rubber Material Selection Guide

Rubber materials are mainly divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber, and synthetic rubber is divided into many kinds of rubber with different characteristics. There are many differences between natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Using the correct and suitable rubber material can prolong the service life of rubber products.

In order to ensure that the correct rubber material is used, it is first necessary to clarify the application environment of the rubber product, so as to be able to determine what kind of rubber material is suitable for such an application environment. Usually, the following points need to be clarified.

Where are Rubber Products Used and What is Their Functions?

  • Is there any requirement for temperature, is it continuous or discontinuous, and what is the temperature?
  • What is the medium used?
  • Whether you will be exposed to acidic or alkaline chemicals
  • Is it applied externally or internally to the system?

In the case that the use can be satisfied, it is necessary to consider whether there are alternative materials with higher cost performance and more affordable prices. Only through comprehensive consideration can reasonable material selection be achieved. After understanding the use environment of rubber products, when selecting materials, you need to note the following properties of the rubber material.

Key Features of Rubber Material You Need to Consider

  • Working temperature
  • Medium influence
  • Aging resistance
  • Tensile strength (tensile strength)
  • Elongation (stretch rate)
  • Resilience or Damping (elasticity or damping)
  • Impact resistance
  • Electrical-conductivity/resistivity (conductivity)
  • Flame-Resistance/optical smoke density (flame resistance)
  • Surface Friction (surface friction)

Generally speaking, the material of synthetic rubber is adjustable. In addition to the conventional rubber, Jiangzhi will adjust the rubber material according to your use environment to meet the requirements of the special use environment.

Hope the above content can help you find a suitable rubber material, and you can also consult with our material experts, we will try our best to help you.

Available Rubber Materials

Here shows some of the common used material. Contact us if you have special requirement.

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